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Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Bobby H. Used this with first time gamers. It ran smoothly and gave four characters a real challenge while teaching basics of hack and slash and problem solving skills. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. DMs Guild. Guild Adept. Tomb of Annihilation. Tales from the Yawning Portal. Storm King's Thunder. Curse of Strahd.

THE EXECUTIONERS (2018) Exclusive Clip "You're Going To Die Slowly" HD

Elemental Evil. Rage of Demons. Tyranny of Dragons. Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Product Type. Core Rules. Character Options. Resources for DMG Creators. RPG Media. Tabletop Essentials. Gift Certificates. Family Oriented. Pulp Action. Dark Sun. Lucas develops temporary amnesia from a head injury while visiting a strange town and mistakenly assumes the identity of a wanted criminal. A former friend of Lucas', out to recover some stolen money he had hidden on the McCain ranch, is released from prison and asks Lucas for a job. One of the bandit's wives Enid Jaynes is about to give birth and Lucas must deliver it rather than escape.

Lucas, Lou Mallory, Doctor Burrage and two innocent bystanders are trapped in the hotel with a dangerous outlaw Ed Ames after a smallpox epidemic. A former gunfighter friend of Lucas Lee Van Cleef arrives in town intent on settling down and living quietly. A group of assassins disguised as cavalry soldiers try to murder an influential visiting senator Edward Platt.

Mark befriends a young man Mark Goddard who arrives in town to promote a circus and then quickly becomes a robbery suspect. Wade Randall Sammy Davis, Jr. An unscrupulous land buyer Gerald Mohr tries to purchase the McCain ranch for a railroad eminent domain.

Mark develops an intense aversion of his father's rifle after a shooting accident takes the life of his friend Jimmy Carter. Outlaws, who had elected not to rob North Branch due to its heavily-armed reputation, change their minds upon learning of a new policy disarming the citizenry. While out on a cougar hunt, a frightening incident causes Lucas to lose faith in his ability as a rifleman. A murder occurs at a railroad camp near town, and a young Indian friend of Lucas' is accused of the killing.

Lucas and Mark find Winslow Quince Kevin McCarthy stranded in the desert with a broken wheel on his wagon and help him to get to town. Quince is later blamed for a series of murders and robberies. Grid Maul, a boy not much older than Mark, confronts Lucas with the announcement that he intends to kill him to avenge his father's death. North Fork welcomes the arrival of the first train on the new railroad and with it, visitors that include a royal cousin of the Emperor of Japan John Fujioka. Lucas' faith in his son's honesty is shaken when he hears rumors that Mark may be mixed up with some thieves.

Lucas, ordinarily a patient and reasonable man, turns vengeful after learning an old enemy Jeff Morrow is in town. Away on a trip for the Cattleman's Association, Lucas rescues a man and is drawn into a fight with the crooked owner of a gambling establishment Richard Anderson. Mark is injured in an accident, which leaves his legs paralyzed. The doctor suggests mineral baths at Mission Springs to help.

There, a gang of Yuma Prison escapees are hiding. A charming stranger Cesare Danova arrives at the McCain ranch and identifies himself as an acquaintance of an old friend of Lucas. An old man John Anderson appears in North Fork asking for Micah's protection from a gang of criminals who are after him.

The Executioner's Apprentice And The Blind Bandit

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Young uncredited , and Bobby Somers uncredited. Frank D. Guest stars: James Drury , R. Armstrong , Robert J. Crawford, Jr. Joseph H. Robinson uncredited , and Jesse Wayne uncredited. David Swift. Montgomery Pittman. Robinson uncredited , Bobby Somers uncredited and Jesse Wayne uncredited. Samuel A. Lucas accuses the young foreman of a neighboring ranch of rustling one of his calves. Lucas helps an Argentinian family who are new to North Fork when they are ridiculed by others. Guest Stars: Robert J.

Lucas and Mark protect a witness wrongfully accused of murder. Lewis Allen. Guest Stars: Robert H. Lamont Johnson. William Conrad. Don Taylor. Harry Julian Fink. James Neilson. Guest stars: Joanna Moore , Brian D. Guest stars: Robert H. Guest stars: Hank Stohl and Fritz Ford. John English. Bernard L. Guest stars: Harlan Warde. Guest stars: Dick Elliott. Philip Saltzman.

William F. Leicester, Chuck Connors , and Wally Bennett. Christopher Knopf. Guest stars: K. Stevens , Sid Gilman, and Hope Summers. Guest stars: Robert O. Cornthwaite , Harry Carey, Jr. Guest stars: Richard Evans , Kay E. Donald McDougall.

Series: The Executioner's Apprentice

Thomas Thompson. Guest stars: James Westerfield , K. A convict Dabbs Greer is released from prison and returns home to North Fork. Benson, and Bert Stevens. An ex-convict Whit Bissell is accused of robbing and killing his employer.

Benson, and Archie Butler. Three robbers hold Mark hostage, forcing Lucas to help them rob the North Fork bank. Guest stars: Marc Lawrence , Harold J. A matriarch seeks revenge for her sons' deaths. Guest stars: Dee J. A prison wagon carrying seven criminals stops over in North Fork for supplies.

A con man and his son want Lucas' mineral rights. Guest stars: Danny Richards, Jr. A Mexican bandit and his gang ride into North Fork. Phillip Saltzman. Lucas helps a young minister who had problems with his father. A store owner hires con men as collection agents. Before she dies, the widow of a bandit Lucas shot arranges for his death.

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Margaret Armen. Mark is trapped in an old mine. A con man makes his living by provoking and then betting on gunfights. Hoy, Jack Lester, and Denny Miller. A hard-drinking painter is accused of murder. Perry , and Richard Whorf. A desperate, mute man steals from the stagecoach. A sprightly elderly lady arrives in North Fork and announces that she plans to capture a bandit.

Lucas helps an alcoholic former doctor regain his self-respect. Lucas unmasks a book salesman as a killer. Lucas and Micah are beset with troubles while bringing a killer to trial. Guest star: Lonny Chapman. A dying friend asks Lucas to fetch his wife. Lucas begins to believe in ghosts when he sees someone he thinks he killed. Guest stars: Joan Taylor , K. Lucas goes undercover as a federal agent. Lucas is sent to Wyoming to investigate the sale of guns to Indians. Micah is terrorized by an old enemy and resigns from his job.

Lucas, Mark and Micah learn the secret of a town's year-old mystery of a lost gold mine. Lucas, temporarily blind, faces a gunfight. A traveling salesman is accused of forcing his attentions on a local woman. Lucas faces lynching for unwittingly buying stolen horses. A slow-witted handyman gets into trouble when he accidentally kills a skilled gunfighter.

Lucas and Mark stumble across a robbery in progress. Budd Boetticher. Otto Lang. Lucas almost finds himself at the altar when two drunken cowboys play a joke on him. Note: This is the first episode to air on a Monday night. Mark takes a job against his father's wishes. Rodman, Troy Melton. Stagecoach robbers take Mark and Milly hostage. A prison wagon carrying a condemned killer passes through North Fork. A new neighbor of the McCains' gives Mark a job on his ranch. A killer's rich father tries to bribe witness Lucas.

An eccentric old friend of Lucas' arrives in North Fork.