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Epic solo travel experience : Checking out the cosy cafes and quirky boutiques in the gentrified s housing estate of Tiong Bahru. Epic solo travel experience : Exploring the Alberta Arts District; time your visit to coincide with the Last Thursday art walk. Join other travellers at local reggae bars during the afternoon happy hour before sampling Creole-style street food come nightfall; arguably the greatest blessing of solo travel?

Epic solo travel experience : Snorkelling or diving in the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve , which teems with turtles and sharks. Though the most memorable moments will likely come from interactions with locals in coastal towns and windswept villages, or simply the cathartic sight of the single road stretching out ahead of you. Don't let the idea of travelling alone stop you from living out your dreams.

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Packed with tips and advice for before Epic solo travel experience : Exploring the quaint villages and stunning waterfalls that dot the far NSW north coast hinterland by car. Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Make sure you're ready for anything with travel insurance from our trusted partners.

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More from Lonely Planet. Boredom and loneliness can happen at times when solo travelling, but finding ways to keep yourself entertained and curious can also lead to you seeing a city in a new way. To keep things interesting, I often establish some sort of theme.

Solo Travel in Japan - Traveling alone in Japan

For instance, in Berlin last year I challenged my something year-old self to spend two days experiencing the city on the same sort of budget that I would have had 30 years previously as a cash-strapped interrailer. This meant exploring the Cold War history of the city, yet not paying a single entrance fee. When Airbnb introduced experiences, diverse local-led activities in cities all around the world, it completely reshaped the industry.

Now, solo travellers around the world can take part in countless unique experiences, while meeting new people.

Solo travel can be challenging, but the rewards make it all worth it. Many travellers report heightened feelings of confidence and happiness after undertaking a trip by themselves, as well as some newfound outlooks on life. I learned so much about myself, my abilities and most importantly what it means to be happy,' says Nina Schwarzenberg. Another popular choice with seasoned solo travellers is Couchsurfing, a networking site that connects locals and visitors in cities around the world.

Hosts can offer a coach or a spare room, and members can meet up for events.

A beginner’s guide to traveling on your own

Solo travel means ultimate freedom. Embrace it and take things at your own speed. One day you may feel inspired to go sightseeing, while another may call for a slower pace. The joy is making the decisions yourself.

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When I travel solo, I embrace the freedom of being alone and grab the museum audio guide. Solo travel is a photography enthusiasts' dream. With no plan or schedule, a day can easily be spent capturing shots of bustling side streets and beautiful landscapes. Sometimes, having the confidence to just wander around and see where the day or night takes you can lead to some of the best stories.

Countless times I would stumble upon a beautiful park or square, and the surprise made it all the better,' says Celia Montes, who has been to 27 countries. An organised day tour or a longer package group holiday suits many solo travellers, allowing you to make friends while on the road. I even met my partner on a solo escorted tour in Thailand eight years ago,' Tara Kelly explains. They give great advice for both touristy and non-touristy things to see, do, and eat, as well as areas to avoid.

Some have even invited me to meet up with them and their friends. This happened in Rome and Barcelona! If saving money and meeting people is on the top of your list of priorities, working while travelling is always an option. Websites such as Workaway and Helpx help connect backpackers and travellers with farms, home-stays, ranches and families where they can lend a hand in exchange for room and board.

You can stay at a place and offer a few hours of your time and get accommodation and food free of charge.

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  8. Fellow volunteers and hosts are usually amazing and you get to experience a country from a different perspective. I personally like staying in the countryside and then going off to explore cities for a couple of days. You form unique bonds with people, and sometimes you even find a person to continue your travels with,' suggests Ruby Engel. Some solo travellers love complete freedom, while others enjoy having more structured options.

    Multi-destination cruises tread a comfortable middle ground for many people, allowing them to kick back and relax in a group at their leisure, or go off on a mini solo adventure once they disembark at a new destination.

    You can easily go on excursions, and then enjoy downtime or chat with as many people as you want when back on ship. Safe, easy, fun! My solo travels were to Italy to attend language school. Classes were in the morning, with afternoons and evenings free, and lots of opportunities to mingle with others at the school. I've been on plenty of group trips since then, such as a week of yoga and painting,' Deidre Heitman explains. Balancing out whether bargains are worth the added time and budgeting in a clever way can make for a better all-round experience. For example, was it worth saving money if you have to wait longer at the airport , or if you have to catch a bus instead of a plane?

    Time is also money!